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Frequently Asked

  • Can underfloor heating be used in any house?
    Circoflo provides a range of systems which are suitable for most houses and floor constructions. Underfloor heating can also be retrofitted into your home too with only a very minimal or no build up. Click here to specify your project and see if your underfloor heating will work in your home.


  • How much does underfloor heating cost to run?
    The running costs of underfloor will vary, however, a water underfloor heating system is one of the most efficient means of heating your home. This is because, unlike radiators which can be as hot at 75°C, underfloor heating runs at much lower temperatures of between 35°C and 55°C.


  • Which underfloor heating system do I need?
    The type of underfloor system you will require will depend on what floor construction you are installing the system into. Circoflo supplies systems for screeded, solid and joisted and battened floors.

Screeded Floors:
Although it takes slightly longer for this floor construction to warm up, screed is a good thermal conductor meaning it has the best heat output and will retain the heat for longer. Find out more about ClipRail – Circoflo’s high performance screeded system.

Solid Floors:
Underfloor heating can be laid over a solid floor using floating systems. The panels are laid directly onto the floor before the covering layer and floor finish are installed on top. As this construction is completely ‘dry’, it is perfect for easily retrofitting within renovation projects. Circoflo floating systems are designed so that there is a minimal height build up on the existing floor. The panels are also strong enough to provide sufficient support for the floor loads and to stop sagging over time. Find out more about FloFloor and LowDeck – The two Circoflo floating systems.

Joisted & Battened Floors
Underfloor heating can be installed between joists or battens using brackets which support the ‘suspended’ panels. The benefits of this construction in a joisted situation are that there is absolutely no height build up and it easily allows the installation of underfloor heating on upper floors.

Find out more about CircoBoard – Circoflo’s suspended system

  • What heat sources can I use with underfloor heating?
    Any heat source can be used with underfloor heating from boilers to renewables (such as heat pumps).


  • What floor finishes can I use?
    Most floor finishes are suitable for use with underfloor heating however the resistance of the floor finish (how much it insulates) will affect the heat output. Tiles, stone, wood and even carpet (up to 2.5 TOG) can all be used with underfloor heating. However, make sure that you always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before choosing your floor finish.


  • Can I use underfloor heating throughout the whole house?
    Yes, underfloor heating can be installed throughout the whole house and multiple zones.


  • Can underfloor heating be used in renovations?
    Underfloor heating is ideal for renovations and all Circoflo systems can easily be retrofitted into your home. Underfloor heating can also be connected to new or existing boilers and even run in conjunction with radiators. When retrofitting underfloor heating, it’s important take your home’s heat losses into consideration as houses with poor insulation may not benefit from underfloor heating. Click here to specify your project and see if your underfloor heating will work in your home.

  • How do I order a Circoflo system?
    Ordering underfloor heating from Circoflo is quick and easy. All you need to do is calculate your system using the online Circoflo tool, download your specification and take it to your local merchant or purchase your system online if no local stockist is listed. It’s that simple! Click here to order your Circoflo system.


  • Will I need any additional items?
    The specification generated using the Circoflo online tool does not include a pump nor isolation valves – so please purchase these as off the shelf items. In some cases, you may need additional items such as a hot blade cutter or manifold attachments however your local merchant should be able to help you when you pick up your order.


  • How do I find my quote reference number?
    Your quote reference can be found on the front of your specification document. It will look something like ‘CF-1234’. You can use this number to retrieve your project details from the online tool on the Circoflo website.

  • Is Circoflo underfloor heating hard to install?
    From the maneuverable panels to the smaller manifold, Circoflo systems have been specifically designed to make installation as quick and easy as possible
  • Can I install Circoflo myself?
    Yes, Circoflo can be installed by anyone however the system will need to be commissioned by a trained heating engineer. The controls will also need to be wired by a trained electrician.
  • Will I have to maintain the system?
    No, underfloor heating requires very little maintenance. The pipes are engineered to last for many years and require no maintenance however the manifold will need to be checked from time to time.
  • What happens if part of my order is faulty or damaged?
    In the unlikely event that part of your Circoflo system is faulty or damaged, return the system to your local merchant who will be happy to sort any issues out. Click here to find your local stockist.

  • How do I control the system?
    The system is controlled by individual 7 day programmable thermostats positioned in each room.