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CDS 106 – Wiring Centre (Wired)


This device is a connection box for 4-zone heating systems supplied from a 230V~ power supply. This device controls up to 4 outputs for actuators and thermostats; each output can drive one thermostat and its actuator. Two interlock outputs are available: one for a pump (230V~ powered terminals) and one for boiler interlock (volt free contacts). Moreover the unit allows the connection of an external time switch for global control of the four zones.

The wiring centre is equipped with a 4A timedelayed fuse (F1) which protects the wiring centre itself as well as the loads connected to it. There are two LEDS on the device front panel, shown in Fig. 1:

– Green “POWER ON” LED, marked as (A).

– Red LED to indicate ” BOILER/PUMP ON”, marked as (B); when at least one actuator is energised by its thermostat both pump and boiler contacts close (red LED on the front cover turned on).


When at least one thermostat connected to the wiring centre is calling for heat, the device immediately activates the boiler output, the relevant channel output and the pump output. These outputs are all immediately turned off when no thermostat is calling for heat.

Note: Actuator opening time will depend on manufacturer specification.

Power supply: 230V~ ±10% 50Hz
Absorption: Depends on the loads connected.
Fuse (F1): 4A Time delayed
Pump output: 230V~
Boiler output: Volt free contact
Therm./actuators outputs: 230V~
Time prog. output (optional): 230V~
Contacts rating:
– Pump: 5A 250V~ SPDT
– Boiler: 1A 250V~ SPDT
– Actuators and thermostats: 4x1A 250V~
Maximum applicable load
– Actuators and thermostats: 3A Total 1A each channel
– Voltage presence: Green LED
– Boiler and pump activation: Red LED
Protection index: IP 30
Operating temp.: 0 .. 40 °C.
Storage temp.: -10 .. 50 °C
Humidity limits: 20% .. 80% RH (non condensing)


Case: Material: ABS UL-Vo self-extinguishing
Colour: Signal white (RAL 9003)
Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 60 mm (L x A x P)


The product conforms to the following standards (EMC 2014/30/UE and LVD 2014/35/UE):

EN 61000-6-1 (2007)

EN 61000-6-3 (2007)

EN 60335-1 (2012)


The two terminals (see item (D), Fig. 3) allow the installer to connect an external timeswitch which will enable global time control of all 4 zones.

This timeswitch, when connected to terminal SWL, will energise the supply to terminal <SwL on each channel on when the timeswitch is in an ‘ on ‘ period set by the user, alternatively when connected to terminal NSB, the timeswitch will then energise terminal NSB on each channel when the timeswitch is in an ‘ off ‘ period set by the user.

When connected to a suitable setback thermostat from this terminal, the thermostat operates at the normal temperature set by the user when the timeswitch is in an ‘ on ‘ period and a lower temperature usually set by the installer when the timeswitch is in an ‘ off ‘ period