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CDS 105 – Manifold


The Circoflo localised high quality 3/4″ 2,3 or 4-port manifolds include temperature gauges, lockshield valves, a manual air vent, balancing valves and come with 230V actuators

Technical Details

Sizes available 2 to 4 Port
Suitable for: Water, Water/Glycol mixtures
Temperature Range: -10°C to +95°C
Max system pressure: 6 bar
Actuators: 230 Volt


The Circoflo manifold can be used with towel rails or radiators. If high temperature water is needed for the radiators then the Circoflo manifold (if used for radiators only) should be connected to the boiler primary before a water mixing unit and the pipe used should be suitable for high temperature circuits – DO NOT USE CIRCOFLO UNDERFLOOR HEATING PIPE. 15mm copper pipe connectors for Circoflo manifolds and fittings are available.


Note: When installing the manifold, allow an additional 100mm to each dimension for working space.

Manifold Ports
2 3 4
L (mm) 305 355 405
H (mm) 365 365 365
D (mm) 90 90 90